Bathymetric LIDAR: How Better Data is Opening New Markets

With the release of newer systems, bathymetric LIDAR is really coming into its own. As the technology matures, offering the ability to deliver increasingly dense data with the benefits of reduced collection time and added safety of flight, clients are giving this solution another look.

In this 60-minute webinar, Carol Lockhart of Geomatics Data Solutions and Anders Ekelund of Airborne Hydrography will show you why bathymetric LIDAR today is a perfect fit for clients looking for faster turnaround times on complex projects, including governmental agencies and the cable and pipeline industries. You'll learn:

  • What depth range bathymetric LIDAR can handle
  • How the data accuracy and density differs from previous systems and sensors
  • How to take advantage of the power range and depth penetration of the Chiroptera II
  • What type of software is needed to process the data
  • How these enhanced services benefit new types of clients
  • How bathymetric LIDAR project planning differs from topo LIDAR

Discover how to expand your business opportunities and get faster access to more intelligent data with the stability and reliability of innovative bathymetric LIDAR .

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