Geomatics Data Solutions personnel have extensive experience designing fast, efficient and economical work flows for large and small datasets.  Work flows are designed to automate data processing as much as possible, while using valuable personnel time at the precise points in the process that important QC functions must be carried out.

Contact Geomatics Data Solutions to help design a work flow for a small, time consuming part of your processing procedure, or for the entire work flow.  The more extensive the problem, the more we can streamline it for you and get you up and running efficiently.


GDS personnel have previously designed successful work flows for various projects, saving hundreds of man hours in processing, including:

Hydrographic Processing and Charting using:

  • Multibeam, from multiple vessels and sonars
  • Bathymetric and Topographic Lidar, from a number of sensors
  • Merging of Multibeam and Bathymetric Lidar
  • MicroStation, MapInfo, ArcGIS and CARIS for product creation and delivery                                                                      

Fisheries Habitat Mapping using:

  • Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter / Snippets
  • AutoCAD and ArcGIS for product visualization & delivery

Cable Route Surveys & Pipeline Route Surveys, from short 25 km island to mainland power links, to transpacific telecom routes, combining:

  • Multibeam Bathymetry, from multiple vessels and sonars
  • Sidescan Sonar
  • Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Seabed Samples
  • AutoCAD and ArcGIS for product creation, visualization & delivery

Processing and Product Creation for more than 2400 km of Coastal Resource Planning, merging:

  • Multibeam Bathymetry
  • Bathymetric and Topographic Lidar
  • Ground Truth Samples
  • Products included ASCII Files, Grid Files, Bare Earth DEM, Orthorecitfied Photo Mosaics, Contours, ArcGIS Habitat Interpretation